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Polya Medvedeva Jewellery

Polya Medvedeva jewellery line has been launched in 2010. The author is also ink calligraphist and illustrator, lives in Germany.
All the pieces are carefully produced by the jewellers from all over the world. Polya’s inspiration takes it’s roots from the “Six principles
of Chinese painting” by Xie He, which dates back to the 5th century.
The first principle is Spirit resonance, the vitality (or nervous energy) which is transferred from the artist into the work. You can
find older art theories from China even in the 1st century, when the western art theories been invented lately in 15th century by such
philosophers as Albrecht Dürer and others.
All of their works and theories belong to aesthetics as an incredible section of philosophy.
The items of the line combine technical accurate work by professional jewellers with the years of experience and new sculptural ideas by the
artist. The jewellery inspiration comes from elegant ink-drawing and the shining poetry of Asian artists, which takes its roots from the
time when the most sensational art theory was created.

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